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Why we need to hire our own property manager?

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

In New Zealand, many landlords have the common question: Do we need to hire our own property manager? Here are 3 main reasons to explain why the answer is “Yes” ————

Legal Issues

Like Real Estate Act, there is also the codes of renting ------- Residential Tenancies Act in New Zealand. The Act well explains the rental rules and the obligations of tenants. As a landlord, you may not have enough knowledge and even cannot understand what are included in this Act, people who privately lease the houses or apartments will be mess with the “contract issues”, so hiring a property manager is a best choice ever. A professional property manager will assist you to deal with the legal part and protect your property from “being loss”. Moreover, professional property manager can also offer the exhaustive and legal contracts for both you and your tenants.

Tenant Selection

Sometimes, it is harder to find a good tenant than a “Mr. Right”. Many landlords may be sucked into the bed experiences of leasing, E.g. Rent arrears issues, some serious brokenness and untidies caused by tenants. Our profession property manager will pick the good tenants for you which by accessing to information checking on prospective tenants.

Maintenance Issues

May you don’t have much time to maintenance your leased property often. Our professional property managers will help you to do the inspections and assist to fix the brokenness which maintain the value of assets, this should be a key consideration for investors and that is why regular property inspection reports are necessary.




如同房地产法律一样,在新西兰,租赁也有相对应的条规——新西兰租赁法。在这个法律中,详细地介绍了关于新西兰的租赁法规。作为房东的你可能没有相关的法律知识,甚至不知道这个法律中到底包含什么,很多亲自管理出租物业的房东也会被合同问题搞得一头雾水,所以交给物业管理公司是一个最好的选择。作为一个专业的物业经理将协助您处理租赁相关的法律事务,同时还保护您的财产免遭“损失”。 另外,专业的物业经理还可以为您和您的租户提供详尽有效的法律合同。






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