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What do I need to know? Healthy Home Standards (HHS) to improve the quality of the rental housing in

房東你需要知道的出租房屋健康家庭標準(HHS) 新西蘭政府房屋部新政策規定出租房屋的質量要求

The HHS covers 6 key areas, 1.Insulation 2.Heating 3.Ventilation of high moisture area (Kitchen & Bathroom must have extractor fans) 4.Draught stopping 5.Drainage/ground moisture barriers 6.Fire Alarm

HHS涵蓋6個關鍵範圍, 1.保溫棉 2.暖氣機 3.通風換氣系統(廚房和浴室必須裝有排風扇) 4.門窗地板牆壁防漏洞 5.地面和屋頂排水防堵塞防潮裝置 6.防火警報器

Today we had one of the houses upgrade their insulation to meet the new requirement. In February 2019, the Housing Minister estimated that around 200,000 families are living in a house with poor condition. Having the house price rising in NZ constantly, many families choose to rent.


Insulation install

The high demand in housing lead to drop the standard of living and put many people in unhealthy environments. We are very happy as a Property Management to see the new standard to be put in place to improve the quality of living.

住房的需求增高導致生活水平下降,使許多人居住環境不健康。 作為物業管理公司,我們很高興看到實施的新標準新政策改善居住生活質量。

!! IMPORTANT !! Under the current requirements, insulation will be compulsory and to include the insulation statements for all the tenancy agreements. Please contact us ( for any concerns regarding your rentals. We are happy to advise and assist you !

!重要!根據目前要求,必須安裝保溫棉,並包括所有租賃合約內聲明。 如果您對出租房有任何疑問,請跟我們聯絡(。 我們樂意為您提供建議幫助服務!

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