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Tips of Winter Electrical Safety

The latest storm bring the shorter daylights and colder weathers to us, Winter has truly set in New Zealand. The most important thing for us is keep warm and cozy all the time, especially in our sweet homes! We use heating appliances all the time in winter, for instance, Heaters, Air-conditioners and electric blankets, meanwhile, the potential risks may come into our homes as well, please watch out the most risky one ----- Electrical fire. Here are some electrical safety tips may help us to keep away from the " Evil fire ":

  • " If Walk off , must switch it off "

When we leave the house, always check the heating appliances switchers and keep them off, it is better to plug off the wires.

  • Make sure the heating appliances is in good quality

Before we swipe our cards for paying for the heating appliances, make sure they have the sign of passing the electrical quality inspection and be in good quality.

  • Don't cover the heaters

Never cover heating appliances or store objects on top of them, such as the clothes, blankets and Flammables. Moreover, always keep the heaters away from the Flammables.

And further, here are some other fire safety tips to remember no matter the seasons.

  • Give the notice to our property manager if the smoke alarms is not working. It is easy to check ----- just press the test button to see now;

  • Make a household escape plan in case something bed happen. Always keep keys in deadlocks on doors and windows;

  • Dial 111 to report if you find somewhere being on fire.

Yukari property management hopes everyone stays safe in this cold winter, remember these tips to significantly reduce the risk of electrical injury to you and others around you.


一场又一场秋雨过后,新西兰真正地进入了冬季。对我们来说,冬天最重要的就是时刻保持温暖和舒适,尤其对于房子的保暖!这也使我们无时无刻不在使用取暖电器,比如暖气、空调、电热毯等,使用这些的同时,也将潜在的风险带到了我们的家中,在这之中最为可怕的要数电火灾了。所以,Yukari 整理了一些电气安全提示,可以帮助我们远离电火灾:

  • 离开家之前确保开关关闭


  • 确保加热电器质量良好


  • 不要遮挡加热电器



  • 如果烟雾警报器有损害,请通知我们的物业经理。只需按下测试按钮即可查看是否好用;

  • 制定家庭逃生计划,以防发生意外。始终将钥匙留在在门窗上;

  • 如果您发现明火,请拨打 111 及时向消防部门报告火势。

Yukari 物业希望大家在这个寒冷的冬天保持安全,希望这些提示可以大大降低您和您的家人免遭电火的伤害。


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