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Tips for Bond refund

Top 5 tips for bond refunds

1. During the tenancy, stay on top of repairs and keep the place clean and tidy

2. Do a property inspection a few weeks before the final day of the tenancy

3. Do a final inspection together

4. Bring a bond refund form to the final inspection

5. Send the bond refund form to us as soon as possible

Reference to Tenancy Services News


1. 在租賃期間,保持維修,並保持地方乾淨整潔

2. 在租賃的最後一天前幾周進行物業檢查

3. 一起做最終檢查

4. 將保證金退款表格帶到最終檢查中

5. 儘快將保證金退款表格發送給租賃服務處



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