Tenancy Tribunal experience

Property management can be hard to manage for owners

sometimes. Common problems that we face are late rent

payments, damaged property, disturb the neighbors or dealing

with emergency incidents at the property.

Tenancy Tribunal is where such issues between the tenant and

landlord can be brought up for solving by the judge. The

Tribunal will hear both sides of the argument and can issue an

order that is legally binding.

However, the tenancy tribunal can help the tenant side as well.

Complaints from tenants can keep pouring in daily. These

complaints range from small issues with other tenants to major

complaints to do with the state of the property. Every

complaint needs to be investigated and cannot be ignored,

especially ones that show potential problems in structural

aspects of the building. Tenants should also feel that their

complaints are being heard and appropriate action is being


As followed above, hassle to manage your property by yourself

if you surface problems from tenants especially tenant bring

you to tenancy tribunal.

Yukari property management can manage everything while you

can have a coffee with your feet up!

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