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Tenancy Tribunal experience

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Property management can be hard to manage for owners

sometimes. Common problems that we face are late rent

payments, damaged property, disturb the neighbors or dealing

with emergency incidents at the property.

Tenancy Tribunal is where such issues between the tenant and

landlord can be brought up for solving by the judge. The

Tribunal will hear both sides of the argument and can issue an

order that is legally binding.


有时业主可能难以管理物业管理. 我们面临的常见问题是迟租付款、损坏财产、打扰邻居或与物业发生紧急事件。

租务法庭是对于房东和租客之间的此类问题助解决,房东也可以提请法官解决。 这法庭将听取双方的辩论,并可以发布具有法律约束力的命令。

However, the tenancy tribunal can help the tenant side as well.

Complaints from tenants can keep pouring in daily. These

complaints range from small issues with other tenants to major

complaints to do with the state of the property. Every

complaint needs to be investigated and cannot be ignored,

especially ones that show potential problems in structural

aspects of the building. Tenants should also feel that their

complaints are being heard and appropriate action is being


As followed above, hassle to manage your property by yourself

if you surface problems from tenants especially tenant bring

you to tenancy tribunal.

Yukari property management can manage everything while you

can have a coffee with your feet up!

但是,租赁法庭也可以帮助租户方面。租户的投诉每天都在不断涌现。 这些投诉范围从与其他租户的小问题到重大问题与财产状况有关的投诉。 每一个投诉需要调查,不能忽视,尤其是那些在结构上显示出潜在问题的建筑物的各个方面。 租户也应该感到他们的正在听取投诉并采取适当。如上所述,麻烦您自己管理您的财产如果您发现租户的问题,尤其是租户带来的问题你去租赁法庭。

Yukari 物业管理可以在您管理一切的同时可以抬起脚喝咖啡!


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