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Mold grows in winter! New Zealand's wettest winter

A housing survey conducted by a council found that more than 30 per cent of tenants' homes in New Zealand suffer from damp and mouldy problems compared to 15 per cent of owners, 36 per cent of tenants say their homes are always cold in winter, 22 per cent of owners The quality of living in rental housing is lower than that of owner-occupied housing Whether you are a tenant or a homeowner in New Zealand, you should pay attention to preventing cold, moisture, and dehumidification, which to protects your health and home. For example: Open the windows in time. Opening the window at the wrong time will cause much moisture to penetrate. Clever use of desiccant prevents your wardrobe from getting wet and keeps your clothes dry. It is a cost-effective and inexpensive treasure to avoid dampness. The most convenient and effective way to prevent indoor moisture is dehumidification products such as dehumidifiers, air conditioners or heaters to dehumidify and extract moisture from the air. Use them to keep indoor air from getting too humid. The house is damp and mouldy. After the place is wet, if there is mild mould on the walls and furniture, wipe it with a cloth strip with alcohol to remove it; In severe cases, a disinfectant can be used, but the disinfectant irritates the skin, so be sure to wear rubber gloves when cleaning. Get a few moisture-proof tips to spend a better winter in daily life easier!

一到冬天就长霉! 新西兰最湿冷的冬天

某委员会进行了一个住房调查发现新西兰有超过30%的租户房屋出现潮湿和发霉的问题而房主的比例为15%, 36%的租户表示他们的家在冬天总是很冷房主的比例为22%出租房的居住质量低于自住房

不管你是租客,还是房主 大家住在新西兰, 要注意防寒防潮 除湿能防寒,还能对保护自己的健康房子和家居. 譬如: 适时开窗 冬天的时候,外面的空气湿度很大,如果开窗的时间不对就会导致湿气大量侵入

巧用干燥剂 干燥剂不仅可以防止衣柜变得潮湿,还能让衣服保持干爽,是一个划算又便宜的宝藏防潮神器 除湿产品 室内防潮最方便有效的办法就是使用抽湿机、空调或暖风机等除湿产品除湿,抽取空气中的水分。利用它们来避免室内空气太潮 房屋受潮发霉 房屋受潮后,如果墙面和家具出现轻度发霉现象,用布条沾上酒精擦拭就可以除去; 严重的可以使用消毒液,但消毒液刺激皮肤,所以在清理时一定要戴胶手套才能使用。 布艺家具受潮变脏 布艺家具受潮后表面会出现湿润、沾灰等情况,看起来显脏。 可以用吸尘器将其表面的灰尘吸净,最好使用吸水性好的沙发巾,经常清洗 金属家具受潮生锈 金属和铁艺家具受潮或遇水容易腐蚀生锈,前期防护非常重要! 可以用油布和柔和的清洁剂擦洗,铁艺家饰出现斑点应及时补漆,有湿气结珠及时用干布擦拭,防止生锈。

在日常生活中 试这几个防潮小常识,轻松度过一个更好的冬天!


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