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Let’s find the right tenants!!!

Is the best way to attract the good tenants to have a high quality rental property in an ideal location at an ideal price ??? This may seem the IDEAL SCENARIO……

A lot of times we cannot always have control over the variables such as location and price but we have some tips for landlords to look into to make the property desirable for the tenants and to attract the quality tenants.

  1. Regular maintenance is a big factor——- Paint the main areas. It certainly will give a fresh image. Change the light bulbs to bright white bulbs, it will look more modern and nicer. Update the kitchen appliances. Have all the cupboards and drawers cleaned, donot leave any dirt or grease from the previous tenants. Clean the bathrooms—all the bathrooms need an extractor fan but moldy bathrooms will certainly put off anyone who is to be the quality tenant.

  2. Carpet cleaning

  3. Adds on and boost the quality of your investment—add some appealing specs. This can add value to your investment, higher rent and target the higher income market.

At the end of tenancy, the tenants are to give a thorough clean to the property but the important thing is the extra attention to details is what impression you can give at the property viewing. The prospective tenant will also have an idea of what the expectation is to rent the property.

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