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New to a rental property?

Congratulations to your investment, let me give you some tips to make it successful.

Tenants, having a great tenant and for having a long-term tenancy with them brings the real success.

Most importantly, ask yourself

Would I want to rent this place?

Every tenant is different, they have different motives and reason to live in the particular area or the type of property they choose. In my experience, there are 3 major key points that most of the potential tenant cares.

1. Clean

2. Good Condition

3. Tidy appearance

When it comes to finding tenants, you need to be proactive. Never discount the fact that there are good people out there looking for good places – it is just up to you to find them.

The Space

I passionately believe that the better the condition your place is in, the easier it will be to rent, and the better the calibre of tenant you will find. With a high-quality property, tenants will be willing to pay more, stay longer and will be less likely to miss a payment. So,

make sure everything is clean, updated and of good quality. Every place is a little bit different, but ideally you want the following:

· Updated kitchen

· Updated bathroom

· Hardwood floors (above grade)

· Quality windows

· Stainless steel appliances

Above are some elements that can increase the whole value of your investment.

You do not quite know where to start from?

Give us a call today, our team can assist you with any property matters. We are a group of Japan Homes, that means we have all the expertise and experience in the industry. DO you need to upgrade your IP? We can happily discuss with you some options.



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