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Heating issues under the updated Healthy Homes standards

From 1st July 2021, the new Healthy Homes Standards are updated by New Zealand government. HHS aims to improve the quality of rental homes in New Zealand and promise the living conditions for tenancies.

The updates and changes of HHS cover the insulation, ventilation, heating, draught stopping and moisture control... Today we gonna talk about the heating issues under the updated HHS.

The new rule required the rental homes are installed the heating devises for meeting with the higher heating standard. The size of devices are depends on the size of properties, for instance, heat-pump or wood burner for the larger house, fixed electric heaters for small apartments, at least 1.5 kilowatts is acceptable.

Moreover, the short supply of heating devices would happen as the highly demands from landlords. It may cause some more problems related with meeting the updated HHS.

Winter is coming and please keep warm and act quickly to get the heating devices for meeting the updated HHS.


自2021年7月1日起,新西兰更新的出租房屋新标准正式生效。 新西兰出租房新标准意在提高新西兰居民的生活标准。

更新的标准包括以下几个方面: 保温、通风、供暖、挡风和防潮……今天我们要谈谈新规定下的供暖问题。

新规定要求出租房屋安装供暖设备以满足更高的供暖标准。 供暖设备的大小取决于房屋的大小,例如大房子需要安装空调或者火炉,稍小小公寓只需暖气片就好,最低的供暖设备标准为1.5千瓦。




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