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Alert Level 3 information for landlords and tenants

For stopping the spread of Covid-19, Auckland has been in lockdown over one month.

Based on the latest update, the Auckland region will move into Alert Level 3 at 11:59pm on Tuesday 21 September 2021.

During the lockdown, Yukari receive a lot of enquiries and we were sorry that we can't offer the service under Alert level 4. Today, let's see more Alert Level 3 information for landlords and tenants.

Moving house

Tenants who live in an Alert Level 3 area can move house to an area at the same Alert Level with the legal documents, but friends and family can’t help you move at Alert Level 3, unless they are already part of your bubble.

Property inspections

Under Alert Level 3, In-person inspections of rental properties should not take place.

At the end of the tenancy, the landlord and tenant can do the final property inspection together if both parties agree, following guidance on physical distancing, personal hygiene and surface cleaning).

Alternatively, the tenants can take photos of the property’s condition before leaving.

Property maintenance

Landlords should get the tenants' consent before doing any maintenance.

If the maintenance or repairs are not urgent, landlords and tenants may agree to have the work completed at a later date.

Property viewings

Open homes and auctions cannot take place in person, but they can happen remotely, with the tenants’ consent. In-person viewings can happen as long as you have the tenants' consent and physical distancing and public health measures are followed.


During Alert Level 3 there will be no face-to-face hearings or mediations. Where possible, hearings and mediations will take place over teleconference. If this is not possible, the hearing or mediation will be rescheduled.

Please protect yourself and others around you by wearing a mask in public, always maintaining the safe distance from others and cleaning your hands often. Stay home and stay safe!


一个月前,奥克兰为防止新一轮的疫情传播进入了疫情四级警戒。根据最新更新,奥克兰地区将于 2021 年 9 月 21 日星期二晚上 11:59 进入第 3 级警报。

在封锁期间,Yukari 收到了很多咨询,在此我们感到很抱歉无法提供服务。今天,让我们看看房东和租户的更多 3 级警报信息。


居住在 3 级警报区域的租户可以根据法律文件将房屋搬到与警报级别相同的区域,但朋友和家人无法帮助您在 3 级警报下搬家,除非你们在一个Bubble之中。


在警报级别 3 下,不能亲自检查出租物业。








在 3 级警报期间,不会有面对面的听证会或调解。在可能的情况下,听证会和调解将通过电话会议进行。如果这不可能,听证会或调解将重新安排。



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